Emerging Technology

With every passing day, new technologies are introduced in the market to meet the upcoming needs of users and also to provide them with a much convenient professional and personal life.In the case of emerging technologies, Softqube Technologies play an important role

Internet of things(IoT)

Internet of Things is nothing but the connection of devices like cars, heart monitors, car appliances etc. to the internet. This emerging technology has undoubtedly brought the whole world to one platform, where each one of us can have access to the internet and stay connected with anyone and everyone.F

Machine Lerning

Machine learning is a combination of techniques which creates systems that can learn from the data in the environment and make predictions accordingly. This emerging technology is extremely strong in some of the fields like modern mathematics, probability theory, sets theory, calculus of variations and also dynamic systems. The algorithms of this technology cannot be fixed in advance, as the solution might vary depending on the situation. Hence programmer, in this case, has to select a broad family of an algorithm such that machine becomes capable of providing an appropriate answer to user concerns

A.I. (Artificial intelligence)

Artificial intelligence is a sort of technology which is used for making a computer or a computer-controlled a robot that can think intelligently like humans. AI has been developed by studying on various human minds and finding out how they think, decide, work and try to solve a problem. The outcome of the study is then used for making intelligent software that can work on its own and take meaningful decisions. AI has been one of the most important inventions till date which have brought revolution in the world of technology and also has proved to be of much use to the people.

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